Civil War Log Cabin Discovered During Demolition

Civil War Log Cabin Discovered During Demolition

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Homeowners tend to find some odd things when they renovate their existing houses. One Arkansas home may have taken the cake, though. A demolition crew found something both astonishing and historical. An American Civil War log cabin may be one of the greatest finds of the modern day!

Located in Prescott, Arkansas, the log cabin dates back to the 1860 to 1860 period, according to the Nevada County Depot & Museum. The cabin measures 18′ x 20′, or roughly 360 square feet.

Civil War Log Cabin discovered
Credit: Nevada County Depot & Museum, Facebook

The cabin was likely relocated from its original location to Prescott, Arkansas between 1953 and 1955. According to historical records, the log cabin may have stood witness to a battle that took place during the American Civil War.

The Battle of Prairie D’Ane took place in 1864 and isn’t the most well known battle of the American Civil War. Union forces won the battle and continued their march across the South. The battlefield is now a part of the Camden Expedition Sites National Historic Landmark.

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There are several indicators that allowed historians to reach approximate dates. The old home is made of hand-hewn timber, suggesting the cabin was built prior to the arrival of sawn lumber in the 1870s. Land patent records indicate a man named John Vaugn once owned the land the cabin stood on.

Thanks to a donation, the Nevada County Depot & Museum purchased the cabin. Experts will dismantle the cabin and put it in storage. Future plans include reassembling the American Civil War log cabin on the Prairie D’Ane battlefield.

Civil War Log Cabin Uncovered In 2017

The Arkansas Civil War log cabin isn’t the first of its kind to be discovered in a modern home. In 2017, a home renovation in Dublin, Ohio uncovered a log cabin from the 19th century.

Log Cabin Discovered During Demolition
Credit: Dr. Kevin Kemp, Facebook

The Ohio log cabin measured 25′ x 30′ and was perfectly preserved, almost as though time had forgotten it. Records suggest the cabin was built between 1820 and 1840.

Earliest land documentation indicates an A. Maties owned the land in 1856. Experts believe the cabin predates historical records. The city of Dublin managed to dismantle the cabin and plans to rebuild it in a better suited location.

If only walls could talk!