Dryer Not Spinning? 7 Possible Reasons Why

Dryer Not Spinning? 7 Possible Reasons Why

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A dryer not spinning is a dryer that isn’t functioning properly. This can become especially inconvenient when the kids have soccer practice or you need clothes for a job interview. Fortunately, dryers are made of a few major components, and most homeowners can troubleshoot the problem on their own. Check out these common causes of a dryer not spinning to get started!

There’s a lot of troubleshooting in this guide. If you’ve never taken apart a dryer before, here’s a short video that demonstrates how to do just that.

Before we begin…

Sometimes, a dryer is so old and worn down that it isn’t worth fixing. Not only will parts cost money, but you’ll need to invest time too. On top of that, older dryers are less efficient and tend to run up energy bills fairly quickly. When it comes time to replace an old dryer, Maytag is our recommended dryer brand.

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When it comes to efficiency, longevity, and reliability, there’s no beating a Maytag dryer!

Now, let’s take a look at the main parts of a dryer and how to determine if they’re the source of your dryer not spinning.

Drive Motor

The dryer drive motor is responsible for turning the drum and blower wheel. If the dryer runs, stops unexpectedly, then resumes operating normally on its own, the drive motor is likely to blame. The cause of the dryer not spinning is the dryer motor overheating, cooling down, and resuming operations.

To see if the drive motor is responsible for your dryer not spinning, remove the drive belt from the motor. Make sure the blower wheel isn’t blocked by lint or other debris. Once you’ve removed the belt, try to move the drum by hand. If it doesn’t move easily, odds are another broken part is the problem.

If the drum does move freely, however, the drive motor could be defective. Again, make sure the blower wheel is free of debris. If both the drum moves freely and the blower wheel is clear, the drive motor could be causing the problem.

To replace the drive motor, search for a part specific to your make and model dryer. Take note that a dryer drive motor for Whirlpool, Sears, and Kenmore brand dryers won’t function in a Samsung or LG dryer. Each of those links includes a helpful part finder at the top of the page so you can make sure you get the right replacement part for your dryer.

Dryness Control Board

A defective dryness control board is a rare cause for a dryer not spinning. The dryness control board determines when clothes are dry. If the board isn’t operating as intended, it could be telling the dryer to stop early.

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Since there’s no tell-all way to troubleshoot a dryness control board, make sure all other dryer parts are working as intended. If there seems to be no other cause for your dryer not spinning, replace the dryness control board.

Drive Belt

The drive belt wraps around the dryer drum and connects to a tension pulley and drive motor pulley. Like belts found in cars, the drive belt can wear out and break over time. If the belt is broken, the dryer won’t spin.

To test to see if your dryer’s not spinning due to a busted drive belt, reach into the dryer and rotate the drum by hand. If the drum spins without any resistance, odds are the belt is broken. Unfortunately, the only solution for a broken drive belt is to replace it.

Drum Roller

Dryer Drum Repair

Most dryers have at least two drum rollers on the rear of the drum. Others may have two rollers towards the front of the drum as well. In order for the dryer to spin, the rollers have to be free of any clutter or debris. If they’re worn out, the dryer won’t spin.

Like with the drive belt, troubleshooting is as easy as reaching into the dryer and trying to rotate it by hand. If the drum doesn’t move smoothly, check the drum rollers for wear and tear. If a roller is the cause of a dryer not spinning, consider replacing all the rollers so you don’t have to deal with the same problem relatively soon.

Drum Bearing

The drum bearing is located near the back of the drum and will wear out over time. Once it’s worn out, it can cause other problems that force the dryer to stop spinning. For example, a worn drum bearing can put strain on the drive motor and cause the dryer to stop unexpectedly.

To troubleshoot this issue, remove the dryer belt, then rotate the drum by hand. If the drum makes high-pitched squealing or grinding noises, it’s time to replace the drum bearing.

Drum Roller Axle

The drum roller axle is a part of the drum roller we discussed before. Like with the drum rollers, most dryers have two axles in the back and two in the front of the drum. If the axles are worn, the rollers can’t spin freely. As a result, the drive motor will stop working unexpectedly.

Like with previous troubleshooting methods, remove the dryer belt and turn the drum with your hand. If it doesn’t rotate easily, make sure the rollers spin without wobbling. If the drum roller wobbles or is difficult to spin, replacing both the axles and rollers can save you from facing the same problem in the near future.

Conclusion: Dryer Not Spinning

Fix Broken Dryer Not Spinning

Once you’ve figured out why your dryer isn’t spinning, you can fix the problem. Whether that means clearing the blower wheel or replacing drum rollers, dryers are relatively easy appliances to repair. A dryer not spinning can put a real damper on your day, but you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional technician. As a homeowner, you have the power to fix it yourself!

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