Best Premium Gas Grill: Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Gas Grill Review

Best Gas Grill: Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Gas Grill Review

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Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Gas Grill Review

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Gas Grill ReviewGetting a luxury grilling experience is as easy as stepping up to the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Gas Grill. Designed to be the pinnacle of outdoor barbecuing, this premium gas grill comes stocked with all the bells and whistles. Featuring plenty of grilling options, storage compartments, and safety systems, there’s no denying the Echelon Diamond lives up to its name.

While many grills only provide a few summers of barbecues, the Echelon Diamond Gas Grill stands above the competition. The high-quality construction ensures this grill can stand up to the elements. A manufacturer-backed, industry-leading warranty covers many parts for the life of the grill as well.

Made right here in the United States of America, the Echelon Diamond embodies American endurance and a love for outdoor barbecue.

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High-Quality Construction

Sleek lines and high-quality construction make the Echelon Diamond Gas Grill luxury incarnate. Stainless steel housing and burners are designed to withstand summers of heavy use. To back the grill’s durable design, Fire Magic Grills offers the industry’s best warranty.

Echelon Diamond sear cooking grids provide even heat while the quantum backburner is perfect for rotisserie meats. A digital thermometer, complete with a meat probe, timer, and alarm, allows for perfect flavor every time.

Luxury Grilling Experience

The Echelon Diamond Gas Grill provides a luxury grilling experience beyond any other. Its spacious design enables users to cook over a 4-foot-wide area. State-of-the-art hot surface ignition and wood chip smoker drawer combine the best of both outdoor barbecue worlds.

Heat zone separators allow users to easily sear a steak and bake a cake (metaphorically, anyway) at the same time. Rotisserie backburners provide another way to cook meat to perfection all summer long.

On top of that, grilling is a great way to save energy, too!

Features and Specifications

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Gas Grill includes an extensive number of features. Even heat, multiple grilling options, and a vast cooking area are just a few of our favorites.

Cooking Area

The Echelon Diamond features one of the industry’s largest cooking surface areas. This grill measures in at 48 inches wide by 22 inches deep. Its expansive area features heat zone separators for more precise grilling.

Heat Zone Separators

Heat zone separators are located between each burner and cooking grid. Thanks to their strategic positioning, the separators allow those manning the grill to cook foods at different temperatures simultaneously. For example, users can sear steaks and vegetables side by side at different temperatures.

Quantum Backburner

The quantum backburner features a stainless steel foam design. Thanks to its engineering, the backburner generates high heat, making it ideal for rotisserie cooking. The Echelon Diamond includes a complete rotisserie kit.

Smoker Basket

The included smoker basket makes charcoal grilling a possibility for a more classic flavor. On the flip side, users can give their selected meats a smoky flavor in no time at all.

Stainless Steel Burners

Stainless steel burners provide consistent heat to ensure steaks, chicken, and other foods cook evenly. A lifetime warranty provides peace of mind and guarantees years of memorable family cookouts.

Flavor Grids

Stainless steel flavor grids assist in delivering even heat distribution. They also act as an additional safety feature by reducing flare-ups when grilling fatty meats. On top of that, their high-quality construction maximizes durability.

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Fire Magic Grills Review

You can tell a lot about a product by learning about the manufacturer. Fire Magic Grills is based in the United States. As a result, all of the company’s products, including the Echelon Diamond Gas Grill, are made domestically.

Fire Magic Grills backs its products with the best warranty in the industry. All grills feature a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel housing, cooking grills, and stainless steel burners.

As expected, safety is a pertinent part of each Fire Magic grill. A compact grease collection system makes cleaning up a breeze and helps prevent grease fires.

Echelon Diamond Warranty

Given it’s high-quality design, the Echelon Diamond grill comes with the industry’s best warranty. All stainless steel components feature a lifetime warranty. The stainless steel flavor grids serve as the exception and come backed by a 5-year warranty. Likewise, the infrared burners come covered by a 5-year warranty as well. The associated valves feature 15 years of coverage.

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At the end of the day, the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Gas Grill is the definition of luxury. Its expansive surface and various grilling options make it the perfect choice for tried-and-true barbecue experts. A built-in digital thermometer and high-end control knobs (complete with blue LED lights) add a sense of extravagance to the premium grill.

Thanks to its high-quality construction, industry-leading warranty, and many grilling options, the Echelon Diamond Gas Grill helps make every summer cookout and family reunion memorable.

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